Great Plains Chamber Winds

Musical entertainment for Eastern Nebraska
...and beyond!

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Great Plains Chamber Winds was formed in 2004 by a group of orchestral musicians who wanted to extend and develop our musicianship by exploring the wind quintet repertoire. In the process of rehearsing a variety of enjoyable and often sublime chamber music, we improved our individual playing skills, became a stronger wind section for our orchestral playing, and developed a strong sense of esprit de corps.

Since the first rehearsal, scarcely a week passed in which we did not rehearse or perform. To further enhance the skills of the ensemble, we have periodically had coaching from members of the University of Nebraska music faculty. The reputation of GPCW grew quickly, primarily by word of mouth. We began to play in public at a wide variety of venues: parties, businesses, weddings, receptions, churches, and concerts.

We play for the joy of playing. We enjoy the beautiful chamber wind repertoire, the companionship of our fellow musicians, the settings and occasions in which we play, and the people for whom we play.

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