Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Music
  1. How much will this cost?

    A typical wedding includes prelude music, the ceremony, and a short postlude, and lasts approximately one hour. Our fee for such a wedding is generally $800. There are additional charges for longer ceremonies, travel, holiday bookings, special instrumentation, music that must be special ordered or custom arranged, and special rehearsals. We will give you a specific quotation after your consultation session.

  2. How early do I need to book Great Plains Chamber Winds?

    We have bookings a year or more in advance of the wedding date. We suggest that you book early to be sure you can have the music you want. A booking is considered confirmed only when we have received the signed contract and retainer fee. Retainer is $400 (50% of the standard fee). Balance is due one day prior to the performance.

  3. Can you play outdoors?

    A wind ensemble such as ours is ideal for an outdoor wedding. We ask to be seated on solid ground and sheltered from bright sunshine or rain. You will of course want to have an alternate venue in case of bad weather.

  4. Will you travel to .... ?

    We are happy to travel, schedule permitting. You will be charged for travel expenses if the wedding is more than ten miles from Lincoln. Round trip automobile mileage is charged at the current IRS reimbursement rate (48.5 cents per mile as of this writing), regardless of the number of vehicles we ultimately use. Airline travel, lodging, and meals if required, are charged at our cost.

  5. May I request a special piece?

    We have hundreds of suitable pieces in our standard repertoire, but if you have in mind a piece that is uniquely yours, we will try to accomodate your request, given least eight weeks notice. There will be an additional charges for special order music or custom arrangements.

  6. Can you accompany a singer?

    We can accompany a singer given adequate advance notice. Additional charges will apply for the music (see above) or if a special rehearsal is required.

  7. Do you play Catholic (Jewish, Hindu, ...) weddings?

    We are happy to work with you and representatives of your church to ensure that we comply with liturgical requirements.

  8. What provisions do we need to make for the musicians?

    We need a minimum space approximately ten feet by eight feet. We need six solid, comfortable chairs. We should be situated where we can see the processional aisle and the ceremony location, and where our sound will carry to all listeners. Amplification is not required unless the space is exceptionally large or acoustically "dead." We do not provide sound reinforcement equipment. We provide our own music stands and lights (if required). Electricity is required only if supplementary lighting is needed. It is helpful to have a room where we can warm up and where our cases and personal items can be kept secure during the wedding.

  9. This all sounds complicated. How can I avoid having more things to worry about?

    We are professionals, with combined experience of hundreds of weddings. We give you all the guidance you need and ensure well in advance that the musical planning is complete, so that the actual wedding service can be completely worry-free, and an occasion of pure joy.

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Wedding Music